Palm Springs – a strange and magical place

Just back from a fantastic trip to wonderful Palm Springs, California. Saw some interesting architecture, had breakfast at Norma, the restaurant in the incredulously fab Parker Hotel in South Palm Springs, ate a delish pizza at Birba and met some cool people. Yes I did have a couple of cocktails by the pool too, but those memories are vague.

Stayed at the ACE hotel, which is a funky alternative for travelers on a budget, (it is all relative. Let’s just say that “we are not in Kansas any more”) looking for a flirty and “youngish” crowd. Whoever I chatted with they all said this about Palm Springs: “It is paradise!” My personal experience is mixed. Yes it is beautiful, happening, boozy, fun and friendly. It is also strangely fake in a way. It is like a real life movie set. And it is HOT! Stay tuned for more info.